Paddock To Plate

I just love this title!  

Term one and early term two, we are learning about the 
products grown from the 'paddock' and how they end up 
on our plate!  

Our class will be learning about genetics and how farmers find the best traits for their cows/cattle.  

As you scroll down the page, you will see all our other learning for this unit.

Bailey Farm and Southern Belle Orchard Visit

On Wednesday 16th May Ruma Kereru visited James and Ella Bailey's farm in the morning, then Frans at the orchard.    This visit ended our paddock to plate learning.  Here are some photos of our trip.

On the bus!

James Bailey welcoming the class

Walking to the gate that takes us up the hill to see the farm and view

Sid ready to muster the sheep

Zane and Kate - Kate couldn't be trusted at first, so was on her lead for a while! 

View from the top of the hill

On top of the hill, looking at the view and listening to James explain the landscape

Question time

What a view


Inside the woolshed

The day before we arrived they has shorn the sheep - here are the bails

Inspecting the bails

James talking about the old hand shears

James talking about the combs used for shearing

Paul answering questions about shearing

Paul explaining how the shearing equipment worked

Getting ready to show the children how to shear

Paul had just put his shearing belt on and about to get the sheep

The fleece

Corey holding the wool - very greasy

Meah holding the wool - so soft

James answering questions about sheep

Us and our parent helpers 

In the stock yards 

Children asking questions about the Hereford cattle

Southern Belle Orchard
Frans greeting us at the orchard

Listening to Frans 

Frans explaining about the feijoa trees 

Explaining how they grow their feijoas 

Answering questions


Just before we went into the greenhouse 

Frans pushing the sides of the greenhouse to show how strong it is

Frans explaining how the barometer works to control the venting system 

truck came to take crates of feijoas 

A complex system to control temperature inside the greenhouse

Inside the greenhouse

Capsicum plant

Capsicum plants about 3.5 m tall

The heating system for the greenhouse

No not a chilli - a sweet capsicum 

400L barrels

Holding tank for used plant water

Frans talking about the bugs and how to control them

Frans buys in special wasps that sting the aphids and injects them with an egg that kills the bug

Frans explaining how the plants are planted and its complex tunnel system

Good and bad bugs chart in the greenhouse 

Wow these plants are tall!

In the pack house boxing feijoas 

Crates of feijoas waiting to be sorted and packed

Explaining the box for the feijoas

Frans' feijoa brand


Joshua and Cohen won the prize for answering the quizzes!

This link below teaches us about the coding that is required when working with genetics.  Have a go at creating your own monster.

Monster Genetics        

Breeds of beef cattle in NZ

Learn about the different breeds of cattle we have in NZ.  

Genetic Codes - how much do we share with other species?  Play this game and find out!

Genetic Species

We have been learning about the breeds of NZ beef.  These websites will help us learn more.

Rare Breeds

Murray Grey


Red Devon

Belgian Blue


Belted Galloway



Holstein Friesian



Paddock to Plate
We have been learning about the importance of the beef industry to NZ farmers.  We have learnt so much about the importance of quality beef and how farmers get this quality.

We learnt about DNA and how farmers can produce traits in their cattle in order to produce what they want.  

We have learnt the different breeds of cattle in NZ and chosen a beef breed to learn about.

Deb came in to teach us how to make ice cream.  The flavours we made were: baked beans, cornflakes, vanilla, rolled oats and honey!!!!!!

We also learnt about where the different cuts of meat come from.  We made paper plate cows!

The history of the hamburger          

We need to learn about the hamburger ready for hamburger day on Friday 11th May. 

Watch this youtube clip and learn about its history in 2 minutes flat!.

The history of the hamburger


  1. Looking at all makes me think that we do lots of art in class, but they all look so good.

  2. Logan
    the ice cream was yum

  3. Logan
    well done everyone

  4. I love learning about paddock to plate and the ice cream was awesome(the honey ice cream was my favourite)

    1. Thanks Cohen (it was pobabbly because of the hep of honey) I LOVED it to.

  5. I love learning about paddock to plate and the ice cream was awesome(the honey ice cream was my favourite.)

  6. I loved and still love the paddock to plate work, it was so fun, mostly the ice-cream.

  7. People are making ice-cream that never melts,AWESOME!

  8. The ice-cream was DELICIOUS! I didn't eat the bake beans because I don't like them but it's nice to a have a go. I also like our cows, their just AWESOME!

  9. The vinilla ice cream was the best

  10. I love these photos!


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